1535° – Wayfinding

In 2014, when I just moved in the 1535° creativity hub and just got a new studio and new creative surroundings, I was asked to create the signaling structure of the building. The building wasn’t quiet finished at that time, so it was difficult to do it in a final manner. The outdoor environment has changed a lot since than, so the main work focused on the indoor signs. For the system I used old blueprints of steelworks as inspiration and the font they used back in the day to describe them (called Normschrift). The whole system is held in black and white, it provides the highest contrast for legibility. Many signs were made with the idea that messages could easily be exchanged, one technique was to work with rails where you can slide letters in and out. The whole project was a great opportunity and a fulfilling experience. To complete the outdoor wayfinding, I collaborated with kontext, an other in-house design studio.